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HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW is an academic journal concerned with policy and practice, with contributions soundly based in research or scholarship, but with implications for reform or change. It seeks to ensure rigour in these analyses by taking a problem-oriented approach; it is concerned to help formulate the problems of higher education, to consider alternative solutions and to test them. Lastly, it seeks to cover the whole field of post-school education and with all those who work with or within the field: academics, students, administrators and policymakers at all levels.

HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW has been internationally recognised as a valuable resource for the study and analysis of higher education. It was cited as one of the ‘12 English language journals judged by respondents ... to be helpful to comparative higher education,’ Comparative Higher Education Sources of Information by Robert O Berdahl and George Altomare, International Council for Educational Development. It was ranked 11th of 67 higher education journals for both quality and esteem in a study by the University of Newcastle, Australia. It was identified as ‘probably the liveliest of the current British journals’ in higher education…’ by The Times Higher Education Supplement.

HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW is Edited by Dr Neil Harrison (University of the West of England), Dr Colin McCaig (Sheffield Hallam University) and Dr Anna Mountford-Zimdars (Kings College, London)





HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW has recently launched this new website to allow our existing subscribers to access our journals online and facilitate new online subscriptions. We greatly value customer feed back, so if you would like to use our contact us form to send us any comments, they will be gratefully received.

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