HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW is an academic journal devoted to the radical examination of post school education. It is aimed at all those concerned with education after school - academic staff, students, researchers and administrators in institutions and government.

"It is the liveliest of the current British journals in higher education".

Michael Shattock - Times Higher Education Supplement.

World interest

For more than 40 years, numerous institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and elsewhere have discovered the value of HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW and subscribe to it.

  • It is one of the '12 English language journals judged by respondents to a recent questionnaire to be helpful to comparative higher education' listed in Comparative Higher Education: Sources of Information by Robert O Berdahl and George Altomare, International Council for Educational Development.
  • Ranked 11th out of 67 higher education journals on both esteem and quality indicators in a study conducted by the University of Newcastle Australia
  • Indexed in ERIC www.eric.ed.gov

International coverage

Since its inception in 1968 HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW has mounted a continuing commentary and critique of developments in post-school education. In major articles it has:

  • discussed the transition to mass higher education in Britain, the USA and other countries
  • analysed higher education in Chile, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Finland, Austria, Israel and many other countries
  • analysed the British and American experience of collective bargaining for academic and other staff
  • presented the results of rate of return analyses in science, engineering and teaching and analysed the demand for scientists and engineers
  • presented the results of studies of performance indicators in higher education
  • examined proposals for new ways of funding university research
  • examined the impact of market mechanisms in higher education

In addition, HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW contains substantial book reviews.

The independent international journal of policy and practice in post-school education since 1968