Notes For Contributors

HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW welcomes submitted articles. Articles are reviewed by the editor, by a member of the Consultative Board and by other referees as appropriate. Authors are advised to refer to our editorial policy and the notes for contributors below. In particular authors should address themselves to the formulation and solution of problems and to testing those solutions. Articles should thus be soundly based in research, though it is not the practice of the Review to publish articles which simply report research findings.

  • It is a condition of acceptance of articles and all other contributions that authors vest copyright in Tyrrell Burgess Associates. Authors are provided with a pdf of their contribution which they may use to circulate their contribution elsewhere after publication without permission from the publisher, provided that acknowledgement (with issue and volume number) is given of its publication in HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW.
  • Major articles should generally be between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Notes, which have the character of signed editorials, are between 1,000 and 2,500 words long. Articles should carry an abstract of about 100 words outlining their subject matter, together with a short designation of the author.
  • Articles should carry an abstract of about 100 words outlining their subject matter, together with a short designation of the author.
  • It is assumed that articles submitted for publication have not been published elsewhere. If an article is being submitted elsewhere, the author should say so. We will consider for publication English translations of articles that have previously been published (or accepted for publication) in another language and which have not had an English translation. The original publication would, of course, be acknowledged.
  • References should be cited using the ‘Harvard’ system of author’s name and date of publication in brackets in text and listed in alphabetical order at the end of the article. References to books should include the full title and author or authors, publisher and date. References to articles should include the full name of the journal, the volume and year. Titles of articles are placed within single inverted commas. Contributors are asked to consult the HIGHER EDUCATION REVIEW style guide for further guidance on points of style, punctuation and table layout. Manuscripts which do not conform to these requirements may be returned to authors for amendment.
  • The Editor reserves the right to edit articles to conform to requirements of length, style or clarity. The grounds for a rejection of an article are not given.
  • The grounds for rejection of an article are not given. Authors who wish rejected manuscripts to be returned should enclose a stamped, addressed envelope.

All contributions and correspondence on articles should be sent to:

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